Tanko io

Tanko io is probably the most addictive and interesting tank warfare game which has a lot of interesting features and pretty nice gameplay. At the beginning of the game, the players choose one of the teams and as soon as 5 players vs 5 players room is full, the battle begins. The tanks are attacking the base of the enemies and that's the main mission of the game - if you destroy the base of your enemy, your team win the battle. Keep in mind that when the battle begins, you are going to attack the enemy in one team with real players which have bigger tanks and ai players which have pretty weak tanks and can be exploded easily. The bigger the tank is - the more powerful it can be and you may need a lot of good shots to take him down. Keep in mind that the match in Tanko.io continues until one of the base is fully destroyed. You can see the current percentage of your base on your screen - if it is low, there must be someone who stays at the base and defend it.

Even though that the game is not battle royale and you can respawn when you die, you should wait 15 seconds. That's pretty big time if the enemy is approaching your base and there is one left around to defend it. At the same time, each base has it's own protection - a rocket launcher that can destroy any tank. Until it is not destroyed, you can count on it and take part in the warfare. One more thing that you must keep in mind is the special perks that appear on the battlefield - shield and double damage. If you get the shield perk, your tank will become stronger but if you got the double damage perk, your weapons will become more powerful. Even though that those perks don't appear too often, you should try to get them when you notice them. Tanko io is an addictive and at the same time pretty simple multiplayer game - all controls you need to use is the WASD buttons to move tank and mouse to aim and shoot. Enjoy the complete edition of the Tanko io for free at our website.

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