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BlockTanks io is very simple but at the same time very addictive online game where people all around the world join the server and play together. At the beginning of the game you will have to create a free account but you can also play as a guest. There are several game modes which you can choose but my favorite one is team vs team. In this mode the players are divided into two teams - read and blue and the time for each battle is limited. When the time goes off, the team with higher score wins the battle. Your main mission is to destroy the enemy tanks using different weapons. As the maps of the BlockTanks are pretty small, you can always know the location of your enemies and make a strategy how to take them down. If you get the new weapons like cannon or rapid bullets, you can try to attack the enemies but with the default weapons it is better not to rush in and start the close fight.

The most interesting thing about the BlockTanks is that despite the fact that the maps are very small, there are some special places where you can hide and wait for the enemy tank to come closer. But remember that if the enemy notice your hiding spot, it can drop a grenade near you and you will die. Keep an eye on the icons of weapons - when someone kills a big player, you can see how those weapons drop to the ground so you can easily get all the weapons. The controls are simple - you control the tank using the WASD buttons and use mouse to aim and shoot. You can also switch the weapons using Q button. Keep in mind that each weapon has limit except the default one so use it wisely. Many people say that the game has a poor graphics but I think that when you are playing multiplayer game with so many different modes, graphics is not so important. Anyway, the is a very addictive online game which you can now enjoy at our website.

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