Tank Off 2

Tank Off 2 - Control a giant war machine. The sequel to Tank Off is now available! Take your tank on a journey across gorgeous maps and try to take the opposing team's flag. Of all the web-based tanks games Tank Off 2 has been deemed to be among the most real. The graphics are stunning. Players can leap into realistic battle tanks with thick armor and powerful weapons.

Additionally the world maps and globe look stunning. Water sparkles, and the weather is stunning. Many maps are available; among the ones that are most well-known are the traditional maps, which has mountains and a massive river running through the middle.

Players can play as guests or sign up for an account and save their progress. When a player registers accounts, players are able to increase their level and purchase new tanks. Each tank has different statistics - and each costs money, which the player earns by fighting battles and demolishing tanks.

The game's game mode is (CTF) Capture the Flag. On every map, there are two bases, yours and those of the enemy. You have to attempt to travel to your opponent's base and take their flag. While doing so your team has to protect their own flag , and stop it from being taken.

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