Rocket Bot Royale

Rocket Bot Royale is a gravity-defying multiplayer tank set in an arena for battle royale. Smash other players, earn coins, keep an eye on the rising levels of water, and stay alive longer than others.

Use your cannon to push you tank across the islands. You will land on rocks with their own gravity center and fight for your right to live. Smash other tanks and enjoy the benefits they leave behind.

Enjoy the addictive Rocket Bot Royale battles to accumulate your precious gems and gold. Gold can also be purchased at the store and view advertisements for a gold reward.

Before you play an event, make use of your gold to purchase bonuses and weapons. There are four upgrades that are standard for a player at the level of 1 that are available for the entire time you take part in. Reach all goals on your goal list to move up. The higher you level, the better access to higher-quality weapons and perks before the game begins, such as rapid-fire, shields, more ammunition, and much more. It is also possible to utilize the green gems in order to speed this process.

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Rocket Bot Royale

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