Tank Trouble 2

Tank Trouble 2 is an epic tank battle game that takes place in the top-down maze. In contrast to the typical tank, the bullets that you shoot bounce off walls as bouncing balls. Utilizing these laws of physics, you have to take out your adversaries before they can take you down. It is possible to play multiplayer online and locally and single player against Laika.

Tank Trouble take a few games to get used to. Then it's quite simple. For moving around just utilize your arrow keys. Once you've mastered it, you'll become mobile and swiftly move to beat your adversaries.If you're playing the local multiplayer mode, you have a keyboard that you share with your partner to play against them.

There's a standard weapon in Tank Trouble 2, but there's a lot other. While you travel through the maze with your tiny tank, you'll discover boxes filled with brand new weapons and power-ups that will give you an advantage over your opponents for a brief period. What are the weapons you might come across? There's a Gatling gun which shoots out an abundance of bullets that bounce. It's a bit unpredictable and it could come back, and exploding into your face.A high-power laser is also available which destroys all that is that is in its path. It is also possible to see homing missiles Frag bombs RC shots, missiles as well as death rays that is a deadly weapon, however, it takes 2 minutes to charge before firing.

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