Tank Trouble

==1st player==
Move with Arrows
Fires with [M]

==2nd player==
Move with [E][S][D][F]
Fires with [Q]

==3rd player==
Uses only [Mouse]

Destroy all tanks to win the match. Try to get the power-ups to upgrade your weapons and become stronger.

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Tank Trouble : Game Description

Tank Trouble

Tank Trouble is the most famous flash game about tanks today. You can enjoy this game in single player mode as well as multiplayer. In single player you have to defeat AI which is called Laika. To destroy Laika you just have to shot his tank. In multiplayer mode you can play against one or two real players. The bad thing is that all of them should play from the same keyboard and this is a bit uncomfortable. Anyway, tank trouble is an awesome flash game to kill some spare time. You should also keep in mind that there are some power-ups that you might use - just get the special icons which may appear on the board to upgrade your weapons and make it more deadly. I am sure you will spend awesome time playing Tank Trouble at our website.

The Evolution Of Tank Trouble Game

Many years ago, when the only souce of entertainment online were flash games, I found a very simple but interesting game which was called Tank Trouble. It was more than 10 years ago and the game seem to be one of the best tank games which had a multiplayer mode. A lot of kids used to play it at school because it had a really addictive gameplay and offered local multiplayer mode where up to 3 players from the same keyboard were able to play together. The designers of the game decided not to waste time creating a 3D world, but used a simple 2D graphics with very similar maps, but despite that fact the game had a huge success. By the end of 2020 year when the flash games were official shut down, the developers of Tank Trouble had two choices - to forget about the legendary game or invest money,time and knowledge into making something new. Fortunately, the developers thought that killing such legendary game is a crime and as a result today we have an absolutely new and updated version of the game with a lot of new features and even a multiplayer mode where you can play with people all around the world.

The New Generation Of Tank Trouble Game Series.

Tank Trouble Updates

Today you can play the remastered edition of the legendary game and discover a lot of interesting features of the game. The most important thing is that the people who used to play this game many years ago can still enjoy the awesome gameplay and same graphics, but the newbie players will understand why this game is still stands above the crowd. In the new version of the game you can notice the same old graphics but now instead of laggy flash player the developers used HTML5 and this means that the game is available on all devices. In addition, the official portal of the game offers you to create a free account to store all your gaming progress there. There are some new features that the old players of Tank Trouble never seen - for example now you can unlock special perks using the score you got in the game and you can also create or join the online servers to play the game with a random people all around the world. The option for local multiplayer was also saved for the fans - up to 3 players can enjoy it using the same keyboard. The controls for all players can be found above at our website. The original game has transformed into a bigger project with the contant upgrades, level-up system and cutomization options.

Last Tank Standing

The game has one game mode and it is called : Last Tank Standing. The rules are pretty simple - no matter how many players joined the game, it continues until there is only one tank left alive. The players can try to upgrade their weapons by getting the special power-up icons. Every time you win the match, you are given golden coins which can be used later to unlock new items. Keep in mind that even though that the game offers multiplayer mode with real people, you can still play against AI called Laika. You can even create a server with one Ai player and the rest real people. The game release upgrades very often so I am sure we will notice some new games modes soon. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the most up-to-date version of Tank Trouble at our website.

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